Chiropractic Testimonials

Why did you finally come to 24 Bones?

"I worked with a guy that talked about how much better he was feeling after his chiro visits. This man is very picky so I knew if he was happy it was good."

What has happened for you since being under care and how did we help?

"My posture has improved & continues to get better. My overall well being has improved. I'm happier. I move better. I don't feel like I'm in constant pain."

What would you recommend for others who have health issues like this?

"Go to 24 Bones. You will feel better than you've ever felt."

- Leisha

"Dr. Corey has saved me twice now from excruciating back pain, I was so grateful just now that I literally wanted to cry with joy. If you have pain, go see this man. I was able to call this morning and get an appointment the same day he and his staff are phenomenal!"

- Shelby H.

"There is such a family-like atmosphere among staff and other patients. They do a great job with finding personal ways to better nutrition with the nutrition response testing to see what your body needs. Not cookie cutter in any way! I am thankful for what 24 Bones have done in my life!"

- Kristina R.

"Small place with great people who work in it. The staff is very nice. Corey the chiropractor really knows what he is doing and my session left me so relaxed and feeling better. The massage staff is good at making sure they find your needs to leave you in less tension and able you to move better once the session is done. Nancy at the front desk greets you with a smile and conversation and the same when you leave. This place feels like a family and the environment is very welcoming."

- Jessica M.

"I crawled in yesterday after begging for an appointment. Dr. Corey and Byron worked on me and got me out of unbearable pain. I highly recommend them. The office staff is amazing. I am so thankful for their help."

- Clarke H.


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