Deep Muscle Therapy with Massage in Kennewick WA

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Are you looking for deep muscle therapy in Kennewick WA?  If you suffer from chronic pain, limited range of motion, or overworked, sore muscles, then this therapy at 24 Bones Chiropractic is just what you are looking for.

Deep Muscle Therapy with Massage in Kennewick WA

This is a customized massage that cares for the whole body with various cooling and warming products to allow for maximum treatment of deep muscle pain.

The massage combines a warm towel compression, warming ointment, cooling gel, and a massage therapist. The warm towel compression is to increase blood flow to relax the muscles. The warming ointment gives a calming, warming sensation but also assists the therapist by allowing them to work with the deeper muscles without creating discomfort from the friction. The cooling gel is used to release tension, aid in pain relief, and energize your muscles.

There are three different areas to choose from: legs & feet, back & neck, or hands & arms.

Legs and feet are suggested if you have participated in intense physical activity and overworked the muscles. It can also provide pain relief from plantar fasciitis and injuries to the knees or ankles.

Back and neck are suggested if you suffer from persistent neck and back pain. It is highly recommended to receive chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with this treatment to maximize your body's healing. Pain can be caused by overwork, stress, or physical activity.

Hands and arms are recommended following intense activity or a sporting event. This type of therapy can also provide pain relief caused by carpel tunnel, tennis elbow, and shoulder pain.

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